Terms and Conditions

We are members of both the Renewable Energy Consumer Code (RECC) and the Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS).  Our RECC membership number is 00072671 and our MCS certification number is NAP/66930/23.

Renewable Energy Consumer Code

The aim of RECC is to guarantee a high quality experience for consumers wishing to buy or lease small-scale energy generation systems for their homes. The code is backed by the Chartered Trading Standards Institute (CTSI) as part of a self-regulation initiative: the Consumer Codes Approval Scheme. Members of RECC agree to comply with the code’s requirements. See recc.org.uk for more information.

The Microgeneration Certification Scheme

MCS certification demonstrates compliance to industry standards that companies strive to meet. Membership highlights to consumers that companies are able to consistently install to the highest quality every time.

Our quotations are valid for a period of 14 days from the date indicated on the quotation.

The agreement is governed by English Law and the English courts or by the law and the courts governing where the property is located, if this is outside England or Wales.

The contract can be cancelled without penalty during the ‘cancellation period’ without any reason.  Cancellation period lasts for 14 days after the contract has been signed.  To cancel the contract, a clear statement by letter or email of the decision to cancel should be sent to: JD Allen Engineering Ltd, 58 Elwill Way, Beckenham, BR3 6RZ, email: jdallenengineering@outlook.com.  Any advance payments that have been made will be returned.  If the contract is cancelled after the Cancellation Period for any reason, there may be costs involved, and JD Allen Engineering may retain all or part of the deposit payment and further advance payments, if made, as a contribution towards these costs.

Our promise to the customer is to do the work with all reasonable care and skill according to the standards set by the Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS) and according to the timetable set out in the quotation.  Under the MCS scheme, only certified companies can enter into a contract with a customer for the sale and installation of a system.  In accordance with the MCS standard, we will issue an insurance backed guarantee for all deposits for installation work and post commissioning which will insure the work carried out for 2 years.

JD Allen Engineering agree to carry out the work with all reasonable care and skill in the planning, installation and commissioning of the system described in the quotation.  The goods we supply will:-

  • Be of satisfactory quality
  • Be fit for purpose
  • Operate as described to you; and
  • Match the model seen or examined by the customer.

JD Allen Engineering will inform the customer in writing of the name of any contractor engaged by us to undertake the installation of the system and we will take full responsibility for their work and their compliance with the Consumer Code.

JD Allen Engineering agree to supply the goods and carry out the installation work as specified in the timetable that we have agreed to and set out in the quotation.  The acceptance of the terms indicates that the customer agrees to proceed with that timetable.

JD Allen Engineering will make every effort to complete the work by the time agreed. However, sometimes delays may occur for reasons beyond our control.  Such reasons may include, for example, severe weather.  We cannot be held responsible for those delays.

If such delays occur, we will tell the customer as soon as possible and we will adjust the timetable by written agreement.

In the case of a delay to the delivery of goods beyond the time or period agreed,  or where no time or period has been agreed then beyond a period of 30 days from the date of signing the contract, different products of equivalent specification, value and quality, may be offered, so long as they are MCS certified.  The customer has the right to (i) accept these products, (ii)  wait until the products chosen are available, or (iii) cancel the contract.  This is in line with the Consumer Code and the Consumer Rights Act 2015.

If there is a delay caused by us then the customer is entitled to compensation.  If there is an unreasonable delay to the installation within our control, then the contract can be cancelled.

If the delay is caused by the customer, then we will seek to accommodate small delays without recourse to compensation.  If the delay results in JD Allen Engineering incurring extra costs, then we will adjust the price accordingly.  The hourly and daily costs that result from any unexpected work are described in the quote.

We will carry out the work and all communication with the customer according to the Consumer Code.

We will ensure that the installation complies with the relevant MCS installer standard which in this case is MIS 3002 AND MIS 3012.

Once the system has been commissioned, the customer will be given any insurance backed guarantees, test certificates and other relevant paperwork related to the goods and installation.  We aim to give this as a Handover Pack after the system is commissioned but certainly no later than 28 days after commissioning. 

We will also handover all of the documentation required as detailed in the appropriate Microgeneration Installation Standard.  If it is a requirement of the appropriate MIS installer standard, this will include the certificate showing the installation has been registered with the MCS Installation Database.  This certificate will be handed over within 10 working days of the commissioning date.

The guarantees given, cover the goods and installation and will comply with the Consumer Code.  These guarantees are insurance backed and policy details will be sent in the Handover Pack.

We will ensure that the guarantees will be honoured should we fall into receivership, administration or bankruptcy during the term of the installer’s guarantee.

The customers main obligation to us is to make the payments due to us.  A deposit of 10% of the total contract price is payable when the agreement is signed.  Should the contract be cancelled with the Cancellation period, the deposit payment will be returned in full.

If a deposit payment has been paid before we have inspected the property, and it is subsequently found that the installation cannot proceed, then a full refund will be issued within two weeks.

Our quotations will explain when invoices will be sent and the amount due for each payment.

We may require a further advance payment no more than four weeks before the agreed delivery or installation date, but only if this detailed in the quotation.  This further advanced payment will be used for work under the contract, for example for purchasing goods.

  • If we do not deliver any goods before installation then such a further advance payment, taken together with the deposit, will under no circumstances be more than 60% of the total price of the quotation.
  • We may use the further advance payment to purchase goods and deliver them to site. If we do this, and only if title to those goods transfers to the customer, the sum used to purchase those specific goods will no longer represent an advance payment.

If we fall into receivership, administration or bankruptcy the deposit and advance payment, if any, will be protected by the Insurance Backed Guarantee.

Once the installation has been completed and systems have been commissioned, where applicable, we will issue an invoice for the balance outstanding on the contract price. 

In the event of any alleged minor defect with the goods or installation, then a proportionate amount of the sum due may be withheld.  If any amount is withheld after the due date, because of any alleged minor defect, then as much notice as possible must be given to us and the reasons for withholding the payment stated in detail.

If the payment is not made by the due date, then we may charge interest until the full amount is paid.  The interest rate we charge will be 2.5% above the base rate set by the Bank of England.

If payment is not received by the seventh day after payment is due, we may give written notice that we intend to stop work on the installation.  Once the notice has been sent, we may suspend all work until payment is made.

If the customer is in breach of the Contract because of failed agreed payments, and we have suspended work on the installation, then we may be entitled to recover any additional costs we incur.  We will provide the customer with written notice containing full particulars of any claim for compensation within 21 days of any suspension of work.

We may require that the goods are returned and delivered to us.  Failing this we will take legal proceedings to recover the goods or their outstanding value.

We will advise on the approvals and permissions needed but all relevant permissions (such as planning and building consents) that are necessary before we start work on the installation.  If we ask to see those permissions (and related drawings and/or specifications) these must be made available.

The customer must provide the following for our use free or charge:

  • Water, washing facilities and toilets;
  • Electricity supply;
  • Adequate storage space;
  • Safe and easy access to the property from the public highway;
  • Easy access to the location within the property where the installation is to take place by removing all belongings

All preparatory work required before the installation described in the quotation must be carried out before the installation can start.  If required, we will describe this in writing.  This work must be carried out by competent persons and must be of the necessary quality for the installation.  If this preparatory work is not finished before the agreed date on which the installation is due to start, then as previously noted, extra costs may be incurred and be chargeable to the customer.

If the customer does not pay the deposit amount, and further advance payments, which result in the delay and/or provision of additional services, any additional costs will be chargeable to the customer.

If, after signing the contract, the work required is changed, we must be consulted first.  The changes may be able to be incorporated into the installation provided that:

  • It is technically possible;
  • We have the necessary resources;
  • The necessary permissions are in place

If the changes of work are agreed by us then the customer must

  • Confirm the request in writing; and
  • Do so within 14 days of when we are first informed

We will then adjust the price:

  • By written agreement beforehand, if possible; or if not then
  • By later written agreement; or if not then
  • By referring to any priced documents, if this applies; or if not then
  • By a reasonable amount for the work done or goods supplied.

Every change that means extra or revised work (as opposed to changes that leave something out) may mean extra costs.  We will try to keep those costs to a minimum.

If, in the final design we present to the customer, the installation differs significantly from what has been described, we will draw attention to this and the contract may be cancelled if not what the customer requires.

The quotation that is given, details the hourly or daily costs that would result from any unexpected work due to site conditions or special circumstances beyond the control of the member.

Where unexpected work arises, we will inform the client and ask how they would like us to proceed.  If we are required to continue then a revised price will be advised, as detailed above.

We will deliver the goods to the location detailed in the quotation.

In case we fall into receivership, administration or bankruptcy before we deliver the goods to site, we will insure the money paid in advance with Qualitymark Protection Insurance.  Deposit payments are protected for 90 days.  We will also ensure that our guarantees will be honoured should we fall into receivership, administration or bankruptcy during the term of the installer’s guarantee – the installation is guaranteed with Qualitymark Protection for 2 years.

We will provide the details of the insurance scheme we use, and will send the policy directly to the customer from the provider once the Contract is signed and deposit has been paid.

Where advanced payments have been used to make specific purchases relating to the project, then legal title to those goods, or the proportion of them paid for, will pass to the customer.  We must either deliver them to the customer or label them as belonging to the customer.  Where we store the goods then we must keep them separate from our own goods and those of third parties.  We must also keep the goods stored, protected, insured and identified as the customers property until they are delivered to site.  The customer must be able to inspect the goods and/or repossess them.

Goods belonging to us may be delivered to the site.  If we have delivered goods and the contract is brought to an end early, the goods must be made available for collection by us. Once we have collected the goods, we will make a reimbursement payment if any of the customers money was used to purchase a proportion of the goods.  If the goods are not made available for collection, or otherwise returned to us, we retain the right to take legal proceedings to recover the goods or their value.

Until ownership of the goods is passed to the customer,  the goods must:

  • Be stored separately in such a way that they remain readily identifiable as our property;
  • Not be destroyed, defaced or any identifying mark or packaging on or relating to the goods be obscured; and
  • Be maintained in a satisfactory condition.

Contract Cancellation

Customers rights to a cancellation period are detailed above.

If the contract is cancelled after the cancellation period of 14 days by the customer, then the customer may have to pay compensation for costs or losses reasonably incurred.  We will try to keep those costs to a minimum.  We have a right to retain all or part of your deposit and further advance payment, if made, as a contribution.

If work is required to start during the cancellation period, then this request must be made in writing and signed by the customer.  If we start work on the installation and the customer later decides to cancel the contract within the cancellation period, then the customer may be responsible for the costs of the goods and services already supplied and for making good the property.

If there is a delay to the delivery of goods or installation for reasons that are outside the control of the customer, then the customer will be entitled to cancel the contract and receive a full refund.  This is in line with the Consumer Code and the Consumer Rights Act 2015.

If we are in breach of our obligations as detailed in the contract, then the customer has a range of remedies that will apply depending on the circumstances.

If we breach the contract for the supply of services, then the customer is entitled to:

  • A repeat performance of the service; or
  • A price reduction

If any of the goods that we supply are faulty, incorrectly installed, incorrectly described, or not fit for purpose, the customer can:

  • Request a repair or a replacement; or,
  • Reject the goods and claim a refund or claim compensation

The above remedies cannot be sought if the customer changes their mind about the contract or decide they they no longer want some or all of the components.

As detailed above, the customer will be able to cancel the contract (and have any deposit or advance payment refunded), if, in the final design we present to you, the installation differs significantly from what has previously been described.

If the customer is in breach of their obligations as set out in the contract, and the breach is not remedied within 14 days of receiving written notice from us about that breach, then we have a right to cancel the contract.  We must give reasonable opportunity for the alleged breach to be rectified.

If we suffer a loss as a result of the customer breaching the contract, we will take reasonable steps to prevent the loss from getting worse.  If the breach of contract leads to a cancellation, then the customer may have to pay compensation for reasonable costs or losses reasonably incurred.

Dispute Resolution

As we are members of RECC, if at any time a dispute arises between the customer and us that cannot be resolved, the customer can refer the matter to be handled through RECC’s dispute resolution procedure provided it falls within their remit, and relates to the sale and installation of domestic renewable energy systems.  We must agree to follow this procedure if that is the wish of the customer.  RECC is certified through the Chartered Trading Standards Institute as an Alternative Dispute Resolution provider.  Information on making a complaint to the RECC can be found on the RECC website recc.org.uk/consumers/how-to-complain.  Alternatively, the customer may wish to seek legal advice about taking court action.

Disputes that relate to the MCS Installer Standards can be referred to our MCS Certification Body. Their contract details are as follows:


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Email: info@napit.org.uk

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