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We are devoted to solving Climate Crisis using our expertise and skillset

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We’re a family business with a strong engineering background. Our team is a mix of engineers, electricians, and green energy experts. We work on projects for both businesses and homes, all with the aim of making the planet greener.

We are actively involved in numerous renewable energy governing bodies and organisations, such as OZEV (Office for Zero Emission Vehicles).

Whether we’re collaborating with big corporations, working on smaller residential projects, or dedicating time to community interest projects, our mission is clear: we want to make a positive impact on the environment. We’re always open to partnerships and new team members who share our vision for a more sustainable future. Together, we’re striving to create a greener world for generations to come.

Environmental Stewardship

A deep personal commitment to protecting the environment and reducing carbon emissions, driving their passion for developing renewable energy solutions.


A strong sense of purpose and fulfilment derived from contributing to a cleaner, more sustainable future through their work in renewable engineering.

Continuous Learning

An ongoing dedication to learning and professional development, staying abreast of the latest innovations and technologies in renewable energy to continuously improve their skills and expertise.

Community Engagement

A belief in the importance of community involvement and engagement, actively participating in outreach programs, educational initiatives, and advocacy efforts to promote renewable energy adoption and awareness.

Our mission is to help all households establish a way of protecting the environment, to leave it in a good state for the next generation. We are devoted to solving Climate Crisis using our expertise and skillset.
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Deren is our founder and director with a wealth of industry and general mechanical engineering experience. Deren established the company in 2019 with the ambition of reducing global greenhouse gas emissions while helping people save money on their electricity bills. In addition to running JD Allen Engineering, Deren provides solar consultancy and maintenance works for local community energy groups.

Fun Fact

Deren is an exercise fanatic and began a vegetarian lifestyle in April 2020.


Peter has over 10 years of mechanical engineering experience. He decided to take his knowledge into electrical work and is now a qualified domestic electrical installer, including the installation of electric vehicle chargers. Peter also helps behind the scenes with designs and post-sales work, all the while coming on the roof to install the equipment. He’s an all-rounded talent!

Fun Fact

Peter is a whiskey connoisseur and has visited many distilleries in the UK and in the US.


Jake is our electrical specialist, with over 8 years of electrical experience, he is a valuable asset to the team. Jake is a fully qualified electrician and undertakes all forms of electrical work, ensuring complete, safe, and tidy electrical installations for our clients, continuously complying with the current regulations.

Fun Fact

Jake is learning Portuguese so he can speak with his grandmother in her native language.


Debbie is our office manager, dealing with everything from client introduction to the handover pack at the end of the installations. Having lived in Bromley for over 25 years, Debbie is a dedicated member of the community, with involvement in organisations such as Bromley Mencap.

Fun Fact

Debbie loves to travel and is dog mad!


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