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Creating a Sustainable Future With Solar Energy

Solar Power installers in London, covering Bromley, Croydon, Surrey, and Kent.

Solar panel installers in London
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Solar Panel Installers in London

JD Allen Engineering are trusted solar panel installers in London, offering environmentally-friendly energy solutions across all of London, Bromley, Croydon, Surrey, and Kent.

With a focus on reliability and sustainability, we specialise in delivering cost-effective solar photovoltaic installations for both residential and commercial properties. Our commitment to eco-conscious practices ensures that your energy needs are met with efficiency and environmental responsibility, paving the way for a greener future in the heart of the city.


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Our Green Energy Services

Solar Panel Solutions

Experience the power of solar with our expert installation service, bringing sustainable energy solutions to your doorstep.

Electrics Specialist Services

Elevate your electrical systems with our specialist sustainable electrical services, tailored to enhance efficiency and reduce environmental impact.

Battery Storage Solutions

Empower your energy independence with our renewable battery storage solutions, ensuring reliable power when you need it most.

No matter your circumstance we have a solution to help you begin your journey into a more economical and environmentally-friendly way of life.

The Benefits

Why Solar Power?

Switching to green power, such as solar energy, offers significant cost savings, environmental benefits, and energy independence, supported by government incentives in the UK, making it a financially viable and sustainable choice for both homes and businesses.

Cost Savings

Solar power can significantly reduce electricity bills for both homes and businesses. By generating your own renewable energy, you can offset or even eliminate reliance on grid electricity, leading to long-term savings on energy costs.

Government Incentives

In the UK, government incentives for solar energy include the Smart Export Guarantee (SEG), reduced VAT rate for installations, and potential business rates relief, offering financial benefits to both domestic and commercial sectors, making the switch to solar power more economically viable and attractive.

Environmental Benefits

Solar energy is clean and renewable, producing electricity without emitting greenhouse gases or other pollutants. Switching to solar power reduces carbon footprint, helping combat climate change and promote environmental sustainability.

Energy Independence

Solar power provides independence from fluctuating energy prices and grid outages. By generating your own electricity onsite, you become less vulnerable to utility rate hikes and disruptions, enhancing energy security for both residential and commercial properties.

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